Garden Bed Transformation

March 1st, 2017

A start to finish look at the transformation of a garden bed Dimensions: 240 square feet. Boulders and river rock are delivered to the build site..

  • Half man boulders.

    Half man boulders.

Here comes the topsoil! This is part of a larger project and so was 10.5 yards of native salvaged topsoil.

  • Landscape excavation.

    The before.

  • Garden maintenance.

    A quick weed removes most of the excess vegetation.

  • Lasagna sheet mulch with cardboard.

    A double layer of thick, biodegradable lasagna mulch is added.

  • Lasagna sheet mulch with cardboard and halfman boulders.

    The halfman boulders are added on top.

The rocks are organized by man power: 1 man boulders are rocks that a single man can lift, and so half man boulders are half that. They sure are heavy though - in total was around 7,000lbs. of rock for this project.


    What's inside the bags? Smooth 2-6 inch river rock.

  • Garden bed Installation.

    Ready to plant!