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Resources on native plants, gardening, horticulture, ecology and landscaping.


Native plants guide from West Cascades Oregon, where it shares similar native plants to British Columbia. It highlights wildlife values for each species. 

Our preferred resource to create a Garry Oak meadow. This handbook is equipped with relevant ideas and photographs. For further extensive plant propagation information visit

An introduction to the Helleborus family of plants by

An accurate distribution map for native plants of British Columbia. For the complete detailed Illustrated Flora of B.C., visit

Informative native plant series that organizes plants into different ecosystems.

A specific plant list to help songbirds and butterflies of the Victoria region.

A project from students of University of Oregon that compiled the information of plant used by First Nations peoples. 

Field guide for Native Plants with quick and concise information.

Compilation of rare plants that are available from nurseries in British Columbia. 


Our current inventory. 

1 / Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest 
by Arthur Kruckeberg and Linda Chalker-Scott, 2019.

The latest and updated third edition to one of the foremost books on using native plants in garden settings. Great information for beginner native planters with full colour pictures and easy language to understand.

2 / Trees Shrubs and Flowers to Know in Washington and British Columbi
by C.P. Lyons and Bill Merilees, 1995.

Wealth of information for plants, particularly in identifying varieties, and other species specific bits of information, along with good habitat descriptions for B.C.

3 / Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest

by Lewis J. Clark  and John Trelawny, 1998.

Informative and beautifully written book for gardeners who want to plant native wildflowers. Authors provide useful secrets and tidbits on gardening with full colour pictures. 


This webpage featured articles written by our very own. You can find articles ranging from planting ideas to pollinator gardens suggestions.

A great website with species information and understandable identification. Learn to identify native plants with ease. Also has fauna of British Columbia.

.John GreenLee as one of our inspirations, writes about his advice on creating wildlife meadow gardens.

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